Supremum and infimum problems and solutions

did said axiom we will use the notions of supremum and infimum, y ∈ R. Therefore, for x ∈ R+, the equation yn = x has no negative solutions, then y = n.

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Supreme and Infinite

has minimum element and is 1. This tells us that there is a minimum upper bound. The set of lower bounds of A is
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Practical 1: some solutions

PROBLEM 1.2. Find the supremum and ınimum, when they exist, of the following sets of real numbers, specifying which have maximum element or

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Solution: Saying that A is bounded below, we cannot assure that B has lower bound, since it has no lower bound we cannot apply the Theorem of

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Differential and Integral Calculus I: Supremum and infimum

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Solved Problems of Infinites and Supremos.

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