How to read slope intercept form

Slope indicates the degree of slope of a line and intersection indicates the place where it intersects an axis.

Slope and Intersection of the Regression Line

The slope of any slope can be measured as the ratio of the vertical change to the horizontal change. For example, a5% of

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4.8 How to Graph Using the Slope Form Intercept

Identify the slope and intersection of lines and graphs of linear equations that are in the slope-intersection form.

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3.4: Graphing Using the Y-intercept and Slope

Slope and intercept of the graph of the function y = ax + bFor this class you study how to identify the slope of a line and the 

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Introduction to the Slope-Order-to-Origin Form (article)

Topics you should be familiar with before reading this lesson How to find the equation of a line given its slope and ordinate at the

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