How to find horizontal asymptotes

If degree P(x) = degree Q(x), the quotient of the highest degree terms of the numerator and denominator is the horizontal asymptote. Example. To calculate the

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Horizontal asymptotes

The horizontal asymptotes are horizontal lines to which the function is approaching indefinitely. The horizontal asymptotes are straight lines of

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Function Asymptotes (with examples)

To find the horizontal asymptotes, we need to compare the degree of the numerator (GN) and with the degree of the denominator (GD). Where, CPN is the principal coefficient of the numerator; and CPD is the principal coefficient of the denominator. Here comes the graph of a function with horizontal asymptote.
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Calculating the asymptotes of a function

The horizontal asymptotes of a function are horizontal lines of the

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Asymptotes of a Function

Learn how to calculate the asymptotes of a function. We will learn about vertical, horizontal and oblique asymptotes with several examples.
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How to calculate the asymptotes of a function?

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▷ Horizontal asymptotes of a function (solved exercises)

To calculate the horizontal asymptotes of the function there is no formula, but we must calculate the limits at plus and minus infinity.

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