Formula for half life in math

Assuming that the linear distribution of deaths is satisfied in all age intervals, children dead before 1 year would live an average of 0.5

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Formula for calculating life expectancy

n: Number of draws of the bond. Vmed: Median life of the bond. This method is valid if the study is carried out at the origin. To apply the formula in

Average life of a first order reaction

This is the concept of mathematical expectation of a variable (number of years in circulation), since the variable is of random type (it is not known the

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9.2. Median life (Vmed)

The half-life represents the average lifetime of an atomic nucleus of a radioactive sample. It is the time, calculated statistically, that a nucleus

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Average life

The half-life is the average lifetime of a nucleus or free subatomic particle before it disintegrates. It is represented by the Greek letter τ

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9.1. Average or expected life of a security (Vm)

Half-life The half-life is the average life of a nucleus before disintegration. half-life, half-life or half-life, according to the following formula:.

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How to calculate the average life

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