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Find coefficient in binomial expansion calculator

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Binomial Expansion

The Binomial Coefficient Calculator is used to calculate the binomial coefficient C(n, k) of two given natural numbers n and k (Step by step).

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Binomial Theorem Calculator

Use the binomial expansion theorem to find each term. That theorem states that (a+b)n=n∑k=0nCk⋅(an-kbk) ( a + b ) n = ∑ k = 0 n n C k

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Expand using the binomial theorem (x+2y)^5

With this binomial coefficient calculator you can calculate, step by step, the value of the binomial term K-TH, from a binomial expansion.

Binomial expansion calculator

A very clever and easy way to calculate the coefficients of a binomial expansion is to use a triangle starting with "1" at the top, then "1" and "1" in the second row.
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