Definition of domain in algebra

The domain of a function f ( x ) is the set of all values for which the function is defined, and the range of the function is the set of

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Domain of a function

The domain is the set of possible values for the entries of the function, i.e., the values of x. The range is the set of possible values for

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Domain and Range of a Function

A function is a relation between two sets, where to each value in the first set, called the domain, corresponds a single value in the second,

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Domain of a Function

The domain of a function refers to the possible values of x that can be substituted in the correspondence rule of a function.

What is the Domain of a Function (video)

In Algebra the word domain presents a serious difficulty. On the one hand it originally designates those commutative and unitary rings in which the

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Definition of Function, Domain And Range

The domain of a function is the values for which the function is defined, or in other words, it is the set of all possible values that the